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Preston is the Founder and CEO of Team Recovery Technologies. He is also an owner of Renaissance Ranch Treatment Centers located throughout Utah and Idaho. 

Preston is a passionate leader in the Renaissance Ranch family and has unrelenting compassion and love for those whose lives are impacted by the disease of addiction. He has first-hand experience and can empathize directly with clients, as he was once in their shoes. He has the unique ability to help others and has found technology to be an accelerator when finding areas to serve and improve treatment . With many years of experience in sobriety, combined with high level management, Preston is equipped with many specific skills as a leader that make him a very loved and respected member in the Ranch family. His values and morals, honesty, integrity and brotherly kindness reflect those values as well as the treatment approach of Renaissance Ranch. 

Preston began building an App with the help of 




Preston has enjoyed combining his passions of Recovery and Technology and has helped many treatment centers locally as well as the University of Utah develop an App



utilizing these recovery and gamification principles. 

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