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January is a survivor of trafficking and exploitation, domestic violence, addiction, and the criminal justice system as well as a lifetime of trauma. 


She is the founder of Soap2Hope nonprofit organization. Soap2Hope helps build awareness, offers resources, and advocates for women, men, and teenagers; who have been sexually exploited, sex trafficked, and working in the high-risk sex trade. Individuals who are facing addictions, abuse, and trauma in our local vulnerable community in Salt Lake City, Utah. We provide night outreach with harm reduction strategies. 


She is in the fight to advocate for victims and survivors who are forgotten. She helps raise awareness in our community with women who are suffering behind our city lights. She is Co-Chair of Victim Services of Human Trafficking subcommittee with Utah trafficking in person as a survivor's voice. She is on the Board of Directors of Hope on T.A.P.P. organization that provides outreach, mobile testing, treatment, and education. 


She started this nonprofit to be a voice for the voiceless. She wanted to bridge the gap between services and help others navigate resources with survivor peer support and effective case management meeting people where they're at. She has 15 years in recovery and healing that has been one of the hardest journeys she has walked facing her own story. The silence almost killed her and she believed silence was her first trafficker due to childhood trauma.


She wants to be in the fight against silence and be a voice. She loves dancing, playing sports, writing, and helping others find hope. She shares her story to benefit others in her shoes and break the chains of exploitation in all areas of her life that held her hostage. 

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