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Cory A. Reich Ph.D., L.M.F.T.


Cory earned a bachelor’s degree in Family and Human Development from
Utah State (1986), a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy
(1991) and Doctorate in Child Studies and Human Development from the
University of Maryland (1994).
Building upon a meaning-based orientation, Cory works with populations
oriented towards strengths rather than weaknesses. Working in the helping
profession in some capacity for 35 years, Cory has been in Private
Practice, Life and Corporate Coaching, working in residential treatment
programs and in multiple clinical supervisory positions. Cory is a cofounder
of the Institute for Addiction Study which was created with the intent to
provide instructional material providing understanding and support to those
affected by addiction. His research in meaning-based interventions
demonstrates the positive impact in reducing depression, anxiety, and
improving attitudes and behaviors oriented around the use of mood-altering
substances and behaviors. Cory worked with the Pretty Shield Foundation
for 4 years serving the Crow Tribe in Montana providing services for meth
impacted families. He has also worked in the capacity of chief editor and
writer of a news-based internet site (e.g., Masternet) specifically dedicated
to the mental, behavioral, and substance abuse industry. Cory has co-
authored two books on addiction and is currently writing on spiritual
intelligence. Cory is currently working in an advocacy role for the Eastern
Shoshone Recovery Program as well as the Equine Assisted Wellness
training with the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council.

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