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J. Carlos Rivera is Chief Cultural Officer at American Indian Health & Services
located in Santa Barbara, President at Trickster Cultural Center located near Chicago and
CEO & Founder of Generation Red Road, Inc. located in Sioux Falls, SD. Carlos is an
enrolled tribal member with the Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo Indians and is also of
Mexican descent. Carlos is 43 years old and a father of seven beautiful children. He is
originally from Northern Ca. but currently resides in Sioux Falls, SD with his family.
Carlos received his Chemical Dependency Studies and Human Services at the
American River College. Carlos served as a substance abuse treatment provider for 11-
years for Indian Health Services in Sacramento, CA. providing services to adult men and
women on parole, juvenile offenders, and other referrals from the Department of
Corrections. Carlos is the former Executive Director at White Bison, Inc. located in
Colorado Springs, CO. He continues to make a difference in Native/Indigenous Tribal
communities serving as leadership to both companies and is also passionate about
developing new curriculum to better meet the needs of tribal and urban Native American
communities. Carlos has also been an active committee member for the Juvenile Justice
& Delinquency State Committee for California, appointed by Governor Jerry Brown.
Carlos has faced many adversities in his life that have ultimately guided him to
build resiliency, discipline, and a sense of direction in his life. Carlos was raised without
both of his parents and became a ward of the court at age 13, resulting in him spending
most of his adolescent years in treatment programs, group homes and Youth Authorities.
Through the process of treatment and recovery Carlos found a greater purpose in life
which inspired and motivated him to establish a healthy foundation for his family. Today
Carlos is proud to celebrate 18 years on the Red Road (sobriety) long term recovery

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